AMAB employs around 50 fitters on an annual basis. The company’s production equipment comprises power shears, edge presses, roller bending machines, edge folders, belt sanders, upright drill presses, welding machines, laser and optical instruments for levelling and alignment, as well as instruments for vibration measurement and balancing. In addition, we have a comprehensive range of equipment for lifting and heavy transport assignments, including jacks, air and electrically powered chain blocks, air cushions, pulley brackets, special trolleys, forklift trucks and wheel loaders. On account of this, we can provide complete solutions.

Due to our extensive experience in recruitment and staffing within our own enterprise – combined with our skilled staff and delivery reliability – we have often received enquiries about temporary staffing solutions. We assist in every way we can to ensure that our customers have the best possible conditions for full production and can deal with peak load periods in their business.

The company is based at Fallebergsvägen 23 in Arvika, Sweden, where we have our own industrial facility comprising a building with 1,100 m² of floor space and a 450 m² cold storage facility. The facility is well equipped for our business and features an all-areas overhead crane with a lifting capacity of 3.2 tonnes.

We have also operated a division in Karlstad since May 2010 to allow us to provide even better service for our customers in this region.

We have a collective bargaining agreement with the IF Metall union and a substitute agreement with the Byggnads union. We are also a member of the Paper Province business cluster and affiliated with the Teknikföretagen employers’ organisation.

Our aim is for AMAB to be viewed as one of the best suppliers on the market with regard to quality, delivery reliability and flexibility.

We are happy to present solution proposals and to submit offers.